The elegance of EPICA

Imported essences elegantly encased in glass bottles, with details of excellence in every millimeter make EPICA Maison des Parfum an international quality fragrance at incredible prices. The perfume will last from morning until dawn making it a perfect gift or as a way to pamper yourself. 

Who is EPICA?
  • Epica Perfume History

    History of Perfumes

    France obtained world leadership and tradition in terms of aromas and fragrances thanks to the city of Grasse, called ¨la capitale du parfum." One of the things that always characterized the city was its aromatic blends of amber, musk and civet. Read more

  • The Importance of Packaging

    Our fragrances are launched and presented in an exclusive personalized box. To distinguish the traditional country of perfumery, all Epica´s packaging is referenced inspired by France, who is present in all Epica´s details, both in the bottle, lid, label, packaging, and bag.. Read more

  • All about the essences

    We combine the scents of fruits and flowers. From the aromas of rosemary, lemon and rose to the more exotic like tobacco and leather, Epica's nature is to make you unforgettable wherever you go. You will be rememberd by your smell years from now.

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